Why you need to be in your family photos

Do you have lots of photos of your children? How many of them do YOU appear in? When your children look for pictures of you, what will they find? For most women, the answer is , not much.

I don’t have many photographs of my mother. She died a few weeks after my daughter was born. However, I do have a few photos of her as a young woman, professional photos taken when she graduated as a nurse. There are also some professional photos of my parents with my older brother as a young child. I am fascinated by these photos of my parents before I knew them. Do you feel like that about your parents’ photos?


One day your children and grandchildren will treasure the ‘old’ photos of you. I never had the opportunity to have a photo taken of my mother with me and my daughter. But I have made sure that I have photos of me with my daughter and grand-daughter. I’m very grateful to Deborah Koster Photography for these beautiful images. I have printed them big and hung them on the wall. One day they will belong to my grand-daughter.


It’s important to print your photos. I recently threw out boxes of slides taken in the 1970s, which had faded. and we don’t view slides today, they are old technology. All those digital images on your phone and your computer will be old technology one day too. But you will have lost them long before that- the USB got lost, you changed your phone and your computer, the hard drive got corrupted.

Printing is a technology that doesn’t age. Print your photos!!